How to Take the Enrolled Agent Exam? Opportunities for Enrolled Agents At Big 4!

When preparing for the Registered Agent exam, one of the decisions you have to make is in what order you would take the exam. The exam sections are not taken in any order, so it can be difficult to decide, and it can even be more difficult to know what to do if you have to choose one.

Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Here are the leading enrolled agent training  institute in Hyderabad-iLead’s recommendations for taking the exam (we recommend them all, of course), but it is important to consider the exam curriculum and what is best for your personal experience. You can see a breakdown of each exam section and the content of the topics you will see in the following exam sections.

Usually, Special Enrolled Agent Exam consists of 3 parts:

  • Individuals
  • Business
  • Representation, Practices, & Procedures

Part 1—Individuals

We suggest starting with Part 1, as it is based on individual tax returns and relates to the work you have done as a tax preparer.

Part 3—Representation, Practices, & Procedures

As soon as you have passed the first part, we recommend that you start studying for the third part. On the basis of Circular 230, which regulates and documents the enemies and ethical behavior of tax preparers, you have some knowledge that needs to be fine-tuned.

Part 2—Businesses

We propose that you serve this part last, as it is the most time-consuming and, according to reports, the most difficult section. Part two of the EA audit focuses on corporate taxation and complicated individual tax returns.

The test consists of three parts, and they are not equally difficult. In fact, part two takes up about 50% of the study time and requires even more. If you go through the simpler and less time-consuming sections in this way, you will have more time to concentrate and less worry about blending into other exams.  

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Opportunities for Enrolled Agents At Big 4!

The big 4 accounting companies employ registered EAs in multiple functions. They seem to recognize the value of a CPA and use registered agents to be better positioned to take advantage of the strengths of the EA designation.    

Registered agents have a few advantages that apply to all audit firms, and the big 4 audit firms are not exempt from these advantages. Enrolled agents are:

  • Tax specialists
  • Can practice US tax in all 50 states
  • Carry the same authorization to practice as a tax attorney or CPA.
  • Can also prepare taxes for international clients.

In addition to these considerations, registered agents offer significant value to accounting firms outside the Big Four. Compared to a CPA, appointing a registered agent is cheaper and quicker, and does not have the CPA’s steep training and experience requirements. Preparation of taxes for international clients who file in the U.S.

It is true that the CPA earns more than the trade-in registered agents, but the EAs require lower costs to obtain them. EAs do not have the same state and court requirements, which reduces the regulatory burden on CPA companies. In short, hiring EAs in tax-focused positions enables companies to save money.    

What job opportunities do enrolled agents have at the Big 4?

The Big 4 can hire agents for a variety of positions.

  • Tax manager
  • International tax manager
  • Tax specialists
  • Senior associates in tax service divisions

 Many of these positions require training that goes beyond the requirements set by the IRS, even if they do not require accounting or tax clearance. This makes Enrolled Agent an excellent name for a career professional, not only because of the high-level accounting courses required by the IRS but also because it provides excellent professional experience.

Advance your career as an Enrolled agent

As an Enrolled Agent enjoy:

  • Higher earning potential
  • More career opportunities
  • Increased recognition

For every agent enrolled in the Big 4, there is a job. Admission to the tax specialists shows that you are motivated to obtain the title of a tax specialist. In addition, registered agents have weight with the IRS, and as registered agents, you can be sure that they are valuable.

Accounting professionals will find an increased value in becoming registered agents. A registered agent is an affordable term that demonstrates competence and drives you to succeed – whether it’s increasing the number of clients you serve, gaining a leg up in a tax area, or adding new designations to your already impressive list. Higher tax expertise provides new career opportunities, and a new designation shows your desire to learn and grow in the industry.

  • CPAs have more privileges in tax preparation, representation, and specialization.
  • CIA’s acquire new expertise and tax knowledge, which is particularly valuable in auditing.
  • CMAs also open the door to tax management and director positions.

Enrolled Agent Exam Cost  

The enrolled Agent Exam consists of 3 parts. Part I is $18,497 for a total of $55,491. There is also a CPA State Board that awards CPAs recognition for passing the exam.

    This is where the value of the EA verification system comes into play. Working with a good rating provider means you save money and time when you go through this part the first time. At the end of the day, you will spend $58,491 on the exam fees to take the EA exam, provided you pass the first time. The IRS charges a $30 fee to complete the enrollment process. In addition, the Registered Agent designation is affordable and does not require specialized training.

You will spend less time studying for the EA exam, but you will need a verification system to stay up to date with the latest tax laws. The audit focuses on tax issues, which vary from year to year, and from the tax laws.

Start the process of earning the enrolled agent credential with the help of our reviewed and comprehensive enrolled agent course by EA experts. You can also avail of our online and offline courses as per your schedules where our course guide covers complete exam preparation, tests, tips, and as well as placement assistance.

What is the Scope of an Enrolled Agent?

Enrolled Agent

An enrolled agent is only a federally licensed tax professional with tax experience in the United States. Accordingly, these registered agents can represent taxpayers with the IRS, on tax matters, including audits (inspections), fees, and tax appeals. A registered agent is a standard internal revenue service credential recognized across all 50 states in the United States.

To earn an enrolled agent credential you have to take the special enrolled agent examination and iLead Tax Academy- a top enrolled agent training institute that provides aspirants the best US taxation course both offline and online. iLead will help you ace the CPA and EA exams along with certifications. We offer the experiential enrolled agent training course at affordable fees. Our personalized review of the US taxation course is designed to help you pass the SEE exam and earn EA credentials.

They will have unrestricted authority to advise and prepare tax returns for individuals, corporate offices, trusts, and organizations that must file tax returns. Registered agents are also taxation experts who assist taxpayers at all administrative levels of the IRS. Furthermore, clients have limited legal privileges with a registered agent who can keep non-criminal tax matters or proceedings confidential.

iLead is the top provider of enrolled agent training online that always believes in transforming education & our EA experts ensure providing high standards of international learning to the students.

Registered agents’ responsibilities go beyond preparing tax returns, advising on tax matters, and presenting taxpayers to the IRS. They can work with a variety of organizations and tax areas, ranging from calling the IRS for notices to helping clients develop strategies to legally maximize tax benefits. Avail of US taxation course in Hyderabad at very cost-effective fees along with several benefits.

Career Opportunities

Enrolled Agents’ responsibilities extend beyond preparing tax returns, providing tax advice, and representing taxpayers before the IRS. They can work with a variety of organizations and tax areas, such as calling the IRS on notices and assisting clients in strategizing to maximize tax benefits legally.

Here are some job opportunities that can be obtained with an enrolled agent credential:

  1. Public accounting firm staff

EAs can work as tax staff in a public accounting firm, assisting with the preparation of returns and providing tax advice. Enrolled Agents help clients, ranging from individuals to businesses, obtain highly experienced tax advisors.

  1. Small accounting firm staff

There are numerous smaller CPA firms where enrolled agents can take on a wide range of responsibilities and advance as EA experts and professionals. Preparing tax reruns, examining financial statements, and ensuring that taxes are paid on time are all part of the job.

  1. Investment firm staff

Tax professionals can assist investment firms in minimizing tax issues for their clients. As a result, EAs can advise clients on how to handle investment sales and purchases to ensure that their goals are met during the fiscal year.

  1. Department of revenue staff

Working for the IRS in the department of revenue is a significant advantage of being an enrolled agent. As an EA, you will be in charge of bookkeeping and guiding clients through tax obligations.

  1. Law firm staff

Tax attorneys will benefit from EA can represent clients in front of the IRS and handling any IRS-related notices received from clients. Law firms, like other businesses, require taxation staff to help them manage their business taxes.

Who can become an enrolled agent?

There is no pre-qualification required to become a registered agent or to earn enrolled agent certification through real-time learning from EA experts. A graduate with a basic knowledge of accounting can apply for the EA exam and demonstrate their practical knowledge of tax matters.

To become an EA, a candidate must obtain a PTIN and pass all three parts of a special entrance examination (individuals, businesses and representation, practice and procedures), which covers aspects of the Internal Revenue Code.

There is no special order for passing the exam. Certificate of maturity. A candidate can take any section of the EA exam first, but all three sections must be completed to get enrolled agent certification. Applicants must have worked five consecutive years with the Internal Revenue Service, which regularly enforces the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code and regulations regarding income, property, labor, or excise taxes.

Who can take the Special Entrance Exam?

Applicants with the following qualifications may be targeted audiences to participate in the Enrolled Agent certification. Recently, increased IRS enforcement has led to the need for additional assistance from taxpayers. As a result, you will have unlimited income potential, you will not need to be hired by the company, and you will be able to help as many clients as possible. Hence, a registered agent is a recession-proof career because people will always have to pay taxes and will always need help.

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Upskill your Accounting Career Through Choosing the Right Enrolled Agent Course Institute

When your area of interest is accounting and taxation, and if you are intended to practice as a tax professional, then becoming an enrolled agent is the highly preferable option. Enrolled agents are American tax experts who are federally licensed and specialized in all areas of the US taxation law. They are the only representatives who got the highest credential from the IRS-Internal Revenue Service. 

If you are interested in upscaling your career as a tax practitioner, it is a great idea to have an enrolled agent course from any top enrolled agent course training institute in Hyderabad. This allows one to practice representation, advising, and preparation of tax returns for businesses, individuals, big organizations, corporations, and even trusts. 

iLead Tax Academy is India’s first-ever enrolled agent course training institute in Hyderabad, assisting aspirants in pursuing international careers in accounting and becoming experts in US taxation. This is one of the most in-demand and well-paying jobs. Enrolled agents are required by small to large public accounting firms, corporate accounting firms, law firms, state departments of revenue, and many other organizations. EA certification is required for tax preparation and filing for banks, investment firms, and private practices.

Benefits of Becoming an Enrolled Agent  

The entire point of earning the Enrolled Agent certification is to reap the rewards of this designation, generally,  the EA provides three vocational advantages. 

Highest status before IRS—-EAs don’t work for the IRS, they primarily work for taxpayers. They are assigned unlimited rights to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service, which sets them apart from other tax preparers and representatives. Considering how prestigious attorneys and CPAs are. They have a reputation for legal excellence and accounting because the process of landing these positions is very demanding. 

Confirmed Tax Expertise—- Both CPAs and EA certifications are licensed. Yet, the states grant the CPAs whereas the federal government grants EA. For this main reason, the tax expertise of enrolled agents has been recognized at a national level.  

Trust of the public—- Attorneys, EA,s, and CPAs hold the same good stature before the IRS. But when it comes to the eyes of the public, EAs are preferred as top because of their tax expertise and passion for US law. CPAs charge more for their tax services, so everyone needs help from tax experts at reasonable costs hence there is a demand for EAs as well as the US taxation course.  

Ways to Become an Enrolled Agent 

To become an enrolled agent, you don’t need any prior qualifications. So, any graduate having a basic knowledge of accounting can earn EA certification. If so, the candidate must prove his or her competency in taxation matters. Usually, there are two easy ways to become an enrolled agent:

1. Passing the SEE (Special Enrollment Exam) 

To designate as an enrolled agent one must obtain a PTIN and should achieve some pre-decided passing scores on all three parts of SEE included with businesses, individuals, practices, representation, and procedures which cover most of the IRS code 

These parts can be taken in any order. The only requirement is that the individual passes all 3 sections to earn EA certification.  

2. IRS experience

The candidate must already have worked at the IRS for at least five consecutive years in any position and must possess knowledge of the Internal Revenue Code, and should engage in applying and interpreting the provisions relating to income, gift, estate, or excise taxes. 

iLead’s enrolled agent course is really useful to qualify for the SEE as well as to have a secure career in US taxation jobs. There is a vast scope of job opportunities for many people who wish to pursue the accounting and tax field. Through the best-enrolled agent course, one could deal with multiple possibilities lies in the US. 

If you are wishing to create a successful career as EA, you could join the top enrolled agent course training institute in Hyderabad, iLead which will help you, coach, & prepare you for the enrolled agent exams. Our industry Enrolled Agent expert makes sure that through their useful study material, taught systematically. Highly qualified and practicing CPAs, EA experts give comprehensive training that concentrates more on understanding mainly self-paced learning,.. this could make you job-ready. 

Enrolled Agent training online is also available in ilead with LIVE classes and class notes to assist candidates with soft skills training to develop better communication skills to prepare them to enter the corporate world. We offer the best EA classes following tax laws, requirements, and current events. ilead assists you in achieving your goal and guides you through the corporate world for four US MNCs in accounting and tax. We provide the best course structure for learning Audits, US taxes, and Business taxes to help you advance your career as an enrolled agent in US taxation.

How to Comeback Yourself If You Fail the Enrolled Agent Exam

Failing an enrolled agent exam can be disheartening. Right?

However, if you are serious about becoming an enrolled agent expert, you must understand what happens if you fail the exam and how to recover from it. It is critical to improve your performance and devise some strategies in order to pass the exam. You must motivate yourself so that you can recover and pass the next time.

What happens if you fail the enrolled agent exam?

When you take the EA exam, also known as the special enrollment exam (SEE), you get your results right away. So, once you have the results, you can plan your next step. In contrast to other professional accounting certification exams, you can register to retake a failed EA exam part within 24 hours. As a result, a retake does not have to put you behind schedule for your EA exam.

If you have already passed another section of the exam, your credit for that section will expire in two years. Two years is plenty of time to complete the part you failed as well as the remaining part.

If you fail this same exam part three times in a row during the same testing window, you must wait until the next testing window to try again. As a result, failing a few more times will impede your exam progress.

How to handle it if you fail the EA exam?

If you fail a section of your EA exam, you have two simple options to choose from. To begin, you can either retake the exam or choose to halt EA’s progress entirely. Choosing to halt the progress of your EA exam may be a little extreme, given that you have several things going on for yourself. Examples include:

  • EA review course
  • improved tax knowledge
  • Exam fees paid for enrollment 
  • Approval to retake the EA exam
  • The ability to reap the benefits of being an enrolled agent.
  • Make a proper study schedule.

Even if you fail an exam section, you should keep trying to earn the EA. Moving forward can be quite simple once you understand what went wrong and how to fix it.

Tips for EA exam preparation

Check out our advice to help you pass the EA exam and start your new career.

  • Get familiar with the enrolled agent exam
  • Find an EA review course
  • Find out the steps to become an enrolled agent 
  • Schedule your exam early 
  • Start your preparation early 
  • Stick to your study plan
  • Keep an eye out for exam changes

How can you get more out of your review?

Follow these steps to make the most of your current study materials or to determine what you need in a new review course.

Change your learning style

The Enrolled Agent exam is a simple test that assesses your understanding of the tax code. As a result, as long as your study materials cover all of the exam syllabi and use a good teaching approach, they should adequately prepare you for the exam content.

Because most courses cover the entire exam syllabus, the second point is critical.

Do you know what learning style you prefer?

Some people learn best by reading textbooks, while others learn best by watching videos. You might even learn a lot from audio reviews. Consider switching to a more integrated course if your exam prep does not include the resources you require to learn best.

The best-enrolled agent course in Hyderabad is provided by iLead Tax Academy, a certified enrolled agent academy. They have professional enrolled agent trainers with extensive experience in training enrolled agent aspirants. They can assist you in passing the SEE exam and becoming an enrolled agent.

The iLead-certified enrolled agent academy provides both classroom and online training. You can join morning, evening, or weekend batches, depending on your schedule. If you are looking for an enrolled agent course in Hyderabad, consider iLead Tax Academy.

Maintain proper time management

If you were unable to complete the entire Enrolled Agent exam the last time, you most likely have a time management problem. Taking practice exams is the best way to solve this problem. This will assist you in maintaining good time management.

Focus on your weak topics

Improving and focusing on your weak topics is one of the best ways to boost your EA exam score. You can easily pass the EA exam if you focus on the weak topics. Throughout this process, iLead Tax Academy will assist you in improving your weak areas.

iLead Tax Academy is the leading enrolled agent training institute in Hyderabad, providing real-time EA exam prep courses, tax preparation, and individual and business taxation in the United States. Take our comprehensive USA taxation course training service in Hyderabad to start preparing for the SEE exam and passing all papers. We are so confident that our enrolled agent courses in Hyderabad will help you pass the SEE exam that we offer a 100% pass guarantee on our EA exam prep course.

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