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Most accounting professionals wish for nothing just to pursue their careers as registered enrolled agents. Many are still wondering what they can do in this profession. A registered agent is a person who represents a taxpayer with the IRS.

You should be aware of how an individual can make life happen by considering what is so important and investing efforts into it.

A successful life depends on your job or a better career. So why not do a famous job and live a wonderful life, a registered agent is one of the reputable and recognizable job profiles in the world these days.

Understanding Enrolled Agent & EA Training Course   

Before you understand everything you can do with an enrolled agent training course, what is a registered agent? Registered agent as indicated means a person authorized by the federal government to act as an agent. This means they have the right to visit the taxpayer’s location at the IRS. Registered agents, CPA, and attorneys are some of the professional licensees authorized to represent a taxpayer on the IRS.

This profession began in 1884 when claims for losses were made in the Civil War. Now to become a registered agent you have to complete a certification which you can complete through iLead’s comprehensive US taxation course in Hyderabad for registered agents.

What can a registered agent do?

The Registered Enrolled Agent provides assistance to the taxpayer as he has extensive knowledge and understanding of the internal levels of the law. They offer useful strategies that come in handy when addressing the unique circumstances of tax problems. Enrolled agents have received appropriate training, which includes tax issues, IRS rules, and situations in which a taxpayer may find themselves.

Here are some circumstances where one needs assistance of an enrolled agent:

Tax Evasion

Tax evasion is a serious criminal offense if you are guilty of tax evasion. In the worst case, you may even end up with imprisonment. A tax professional not only represents you in front of the US tax law in the court but might also explain the real reason behind the failure to help minimize the amount of the penalty.

Tax Fraud

Any person who has committed a tax fraud such as obtaining loans, fake loans, or even diminished the amount of loans they have not earned is considered tax fraud by law. An EA would help in making corrections throughout  the process of investigation.

Fail to file/pay the tax penalty

Failure to file or pay a tax penalty or any other unpaid tax can result in long-term penalties. This is when a registered agent slips in to help you and then does everything possible to reduce the amount of the fine.

EA Course Exam Details    

The enrolled exam is also known as the Special Entrance Exam (SEE), is a 3-part exam administered by Prometric on interest of the IRS. The time limit for answering all questions is 3.5 hours.

The Special IRS Admission Test (SEE) is the simplest test that allows you to practice with unlimited representation privileges before the IRS. The CPA exam and the Bar Exam are two other ones, and they all have a basic educational qualification that must be completed before you can take the exam.

Enrolled Agent Eligibility

For those who want to try EA, a candidate must first demonstrate a certain tax competence (information, business, and representation) by taking three independent tests. The difficulty is determined by previous experience, but those who want to participate will receive a certificate.

There is no noticeable trend. The order of passing the test has not been established. The only requirement to obtain EA credentials is to go through all three sections to obtain the Registered Agent Certificate. Applicants must have worked in a position that typically ensures compliance with and interpretation of the internal tax code and regulations regarding income, land, donations, labor or excise taxes for at least five years.

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Why After Tax Season is the Perfect Time to Study for the Enrolled Agent Exam?

Have been considering becoming an enrolled agent?

This is for you!

 If you are ready to take your career to the next level and not sure where and when to start? You are in luck, we will help you!

April 15th is a great event for tax experts in the US. This often means the end of a crisis and a busy season that lasted several months. This date is the deadline for managing your tax concerns which was set by the IRS in America. April 15 is usually a major milestone, with the weeks following being spent relaxing, resting, or returning to a hobby.

After this your tax software gets shut down, your computer has been shut down, and after months of tax filing, you can finally enjoy a well-deserved vacation. Now seems to be the best time for a family vacation or a weekend getaway, maybe you are right. But before you take off your clothes and start cheering, let me tell you why now is the best time to start preparing for the registered agent exam.  Who wants to study taxes right away after tax season?

Not sure if a registered agent is right for you? Let’s take a look at the main reasons why you should start preparing for the registration agent exam as soon as possible.

Most likely, after a long working season, learning is the last thing you want to do. But what if we told you that if you start around this time, you can almost guarantee to earn your enrolled agent credential before next financial season? What if I also say that you can start with 30 minutes a day? Or you can be a certified EA with the help of 3 months of comprehensive enrolled agent training course in Hyderabad.

Year after year, students come to iLead enrolled agent training institute in Hyderabad to prepare for their EA exams, and the first thing we always ask is “Why now?” Most of the test candidates have worked in the tax field for many years, why is it just now that they are starting the process of earning EA credential. The most common answer we got is “I have never found time”.    

This answer can be confusing because the time it takes to prepare for the EA exam can be incredibly manageable. These tax professionals may have had their own EA several years ago and could use it to increase their income potential and offer new services to their clients year-round. Or else you can also start as a fresher where you don’t need any accounting background. Taking the step forward to take the EA exam takes commitment, no doubt about it.

But the actual training time may be much shorter than you think. At iLead Tax Academy, we have found that by providing accurate and targeted material, students can often complete each part within less time with the help of instructions. With an EA-expert guided US taxation course you can be acknowledged with all the key concepts and tax laws. Depending on your experience, this may take even less time.

Go ahead, open your calendar, and scroll forward four months. If you start now, your finger should land sometime in November. Add or take a month or two for the final eligibility check and you might get EA status and have plenty of time before tax season starts!

You, because you have a huge advantage! If you still have something to spare, working towards the Enrolled Agent Exam now can help you succeed and increase your income for the rest of your career. Taking the Enrolled Agent Exam throughout the year is the best way to cut down on your research and get paid faster.

Reasons Why You Should Study for Enrolled Agents after Tax Season?    

The most recent tax laws are considered

There is a reason the enrolled agent exam is not usually offered during March & April. While tax preparers are working so hard to serve their clients, the IRS and Prometric are working hard to update the exam to reflect the latest tax laws.

Tax laws that were in effect until December 31 of last year will become verifiable in May next year. This means that you must strive to pass all three parts of the EA exam within one year to be tested under the same tax laws.

As a tax preparer, you have just finished working with this version of tax law for the tax season. You will know all the subtleties and context for any new (for you) information that you learn.

Since you will already begin your studies with more knowledge, you will be able to learn faster and more efficiently. If you then take an adaptive EA course, it can mean significantly less training time and faster certification as an agent!

The EA Exam preparation is a bit more flexible with adaptive learning

While the average EA candidate might not spend more than 2 hours a day preparing for the Enrolled Agent exam, if you’re already used to working long hours, finding time to study will become easier. In fact, it alleviates the fears of many candidates about when they will go to study. By looking at your schedule during peak season, you can see what is available for you to study.

Waiting to start school until you adjust to your normal routine can be dangerous because it is difficult to see the points in your daily schedule that you can change. It’s one thing to have time “freely available” and just do something. Another is to get it before you can start.

 If you’re filling your free time with personal and professional commitments, it’s easy to put off your studies for another week, month, or year. Of course, preparation for the Enrolled Agent exam is a bit more flexible than working during tax season.

There would never be a time when you are not busy  

Because spring is so hectic, many tax inspectors see this as their only busy season, when in fact they are busy all year round.

The later you wait to get started, the higher the risk that you will have to go through another tax season without your registered agent certification and have to wait until tax season to pass the exam. Candidates for the Enrolled Agents exam have two years to pass all three parts of the exam, so a long break also means you risk losing points for sections you may have already passed!

Study Smarter    

Regardless of when you start your studies, you will need to get the most out of every minute. By choosing the best exam preparation course, you can study more effectively and become an expert faster!

With the largest and most realistic bank of EA exam quality test questions combined with our expertise, the iLead’s online enrolled agent training course is designed to help every registered agent candidate pass the exam the first time.

Are you ready to earn your enrolled agent credential? We’re here to help you with interactive training and with the real-time learning experience that you won’t find anywhere else. Practice and pass your SEE exams today with our industry-leading EA expert .