How Long Does It Take To Become A Professional Enrolled Agent

Enrolled Agents, unlike other tax professionals, have the special privilege of performing legal accounting services. EAs are federally licenced tax practitioners who are knowledgeable about US taxation. They are also known as American tax experts. They are the representatives who have been granted unlimited practice rights by the federal government. If you want to become a certified EA, the Enrolled Agent course is the best option to help you achieve your career goals.

There are numerous Enrolled Agent programmes available in India, but choosing the best and most genuine Enrolled Agent course can lead to professional success. iLead Tax Academy is India’s leading Enrolled Agent course training provider, offering result-oriented EA programmes. Enrolled Agents can provide tax advice, representation, and preparation for trusts, individuals, and corporations. They are in high demand in public accounting firms of all sizes, law firms, and corporate accounting departments.

How to plan to study for the EA exam?

The length of your EA exam journey is determined by the number of study hours required. Also, how quickly you can accumulate those study hours is the other half of the equation.

If you are unfamiliar with the current tax code, preparing to pass all three parts could take several hundred hours. Specifically, iLead Tax Academy advises candidates to budget 40-70 hours of total study time per exam part. In addition, we recommend 80-100 hours for Parts 1 and 2 and 60-80 hours for Part 3.

The more hours you can study in a week, the less time you need to study. If you are already familiar with tax, you may prefer to study with iLead Tax Academy because our professional trainers save you time.

How to pass Enrolled Agent Exam faster?

1. Choose the best Enrolled agent course institute:

Joining the best-enrolled agent program allows you to study more effectively and pass the exam more quickly. Several factors must be considered in order to find the best course for you, including:

  • How well the course corresponds to your preferred learning style
  • What level of course content is provided?
  • What number of study materials are included in the course?

You are more likely to fail a section of the exam if you study with a course that does not meet your review needs and does not prepare you no matter how long you study. As a result, failing an exam section will cost you both money and time. As a result, you can only accelerate your exam-passing pace by selecting the best EA course institution for you.

2. Know everything about enrolled agent certification

The term “Enrolled” is licenced by the federal government, and “Agent” refers to a person authorised to appear in the taxpayer’s place before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

As a result, Enrolled Agents are federally licenced tax practitioners with technical expertise in taxation.

3. Know the benefits of becoming an enrolled agent

There are three advantages to becoming an enrolled agent:

Confirmed Tax Expertise: Enrolled Agent and Certified Public Accountant certifications are both licenced. Enrolled Agent certification is granted by the federal government, whereas US CPA certification is granted by state boards. The Enrolled Agent’s expertise is recognised on a national level.

Advanced Status: Enrolled Agents do not represent taxpayers. Even before the IRS, EAs have numerous rights to represent taxpayers.

Public Trust: Certified Public Accountants charge more than Enrolled Agents. Most professionals will require the assistance of a tax expert at some point in their careers. As a result, there is public trust and demand for EAs.

Enrolled agent passing score

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) establishes a scaled passing score of 105, which corresponds to the minimum level of knowledge deemed acceptable by Internal Revenue Service professionals (IRS). EA exam results are kept strictly confidential and are only revealed to the candidate.

As an enrolled agent, you will have many opportunities to try out different areas that interest you. It’s an excellent career path for those who enjoy helping others while also earning a good living. We hope the above blog has provided you with a thorough understanding of how to pass the enrolled agent exam and how long it takes to become an enrolled agent.

If you want to become an enrolled agent and are looking for a top enrolled agent training academy in Hyderabad, look no further than iLead Tax Academy. The iLead tax academy introduces new learning concepts and exploration opportunities to improve business service. They provide an excellent learning environment for enrolled agent courses in Hyderabad with knowledge-based practical experiences to provide candidates with long-term support. Our enrolled agent trainer teaches aspirants by using real-world case studies and examples, which are extremely useful for real-world work.

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