Thinking of Becoming an Enrolled Agent? Then Choose the Best Training Institute

Becoming an Enrolled Agent and How to Choose the Best Training Institute

The only choice for students and accountants to become an enrolled agent is choosing the right training institute. The enrolled agent designation flourishes the career of accountants and professionals who are willing to specialize in tax. iLead Tax Academy is the best US Taxation Course in Hyderabad for the professionals who are willing to become a tax practitioner. Before thinking of becoming an enrolled agent, you must first know the significance of an enrolled agent designation. 

What is an Enrolled Agent?

An enrolled agent is a role offered by the federal government to represent taxpayers before the internal revenue system (IRS). It is the position that possesses enough rights to deal with all tax issues such as collections, audits, and appeals. Once the individual meets the requirements of EA and passes the exam, the U.S. Department of Treasury offers EA with unlimited representative rights before all administrative levels of the IRS. 

EA Certification comes with enough benefits such as identity, enough rights to deal with tax issues, more confidence, and trust of the public. If you simply want to experience the benefits of an enrolled agent, you have to pass the special enrollment examination (SEE). When it comes to tax preparation, an enrolled agent has to deal with the client’s needs such as arguing tax law, discussing audits, dealing with the IRS collection department, make appeals and more. To fulfill the client requirements in the future, one has to go for the right US Taxation Course in Hyderabad.

An enrolled agent can do anything in the world of tax preparation like handling collection issues, file appeals, answering questions on behalf of clients, and making challenges to the IRS. An enrolled agent is allowed to work anywhere in the country without any hassles, which means the designation is more secure with proper EA Certification

Enrolled agents don’t work for the IRS, they only work for taxpayers. Their enough rights separate them from the other standard tax preparers. EAs are known as top-notch tax preparers across America. For this reason, they can also represent taxpayers from multiple states. 

To achieve an EA designation, there are two options available – 

  • Go for the Special Enrollment Exam (SEE)
  • Must hold the working experience with the IRS for at least five years.

Making any of these choices won’t be much difficult. If you don’t possess any experience with the IRS, then there is only one option left for you to take more advantage of, for the position of EA. To do so, you must first go for the best Enrolled agent course. iLead Tax Academy is best known for the US Taxation Course in Hyderabad.

To achieve an enrolled agent designation, you have to pass all three parts of the Special Enrollment Examination (SEE).

  • Individual
  • Business
  • Representation, Practices, and Procedures.

Nanda Kumar KV is an EA expert and CEO of iLead Tax Academy. His aim is to enrich India with education, employment, and entrepreneurship. He holds immense experience in finance, taxation in the USA, UK, and India, accounting, payroll processing and more. Every individual whose dream is the position of an enrolled agent should approach an EA expert who holds immense experience in US taxation.

To pass all three parts of the special enrollment examination, one must enroll for the best US taxation training. Most of the students and professionals choose self-preparation but to get a clear idea of the examination, it is very important to go for the best US Taxation Course in Hyderabad. iLead Tax Academy provides online and classroom training to professionals who are dreaming of a better career. Also, the best study materials required to prepare for all three parts of the special enrollment examination (SEE), being the best Enrolled agent course.

iLead tax academy possesses high profile experts who guide students and professionals throughout and after the training process. They give training on individual taxes, business taxes and tax representation with more interactive sessions that helps to clear all three sections of SEE. The reasons for being the best Enrolled agent course are interactive classroom training for US Taxation, Tax study material and handwritten notes, MCQ sets for all three parts of SEE, real-time case studies, and model question papers of previous examinations. Each part of the Special Enrollment Examination requires special attention and preparation. 


The individual section covers some important topics of tax preparations such as income and assets, biographical information, specialized returns, international tax information, deductions, and credits. This section also includes the aspects of tax law and principles of representing taxpayers. 


This section is all about preparing taxes for businesses and corporations where the deep knowledge of business entities, partnerships, business income, expenses, trusts, estates, credits, and retirement plans is much required to qualify for the third part of SEE. This test also includes farmers and organizations. To get a deep knowledge of all these areas, you need to attend the training sessions in the Best Enrolled Agent Training Institute.

Representation, Practices, and Procedures:

This is the final stage to achieve an enrolled agent position. This section covers the following – 

  • Practices and Procedures such as requirements for enrolled agents, sanction-able acts, rules, and penalties.
  • Representation before the IRS like Power of attorney, building the taxpayer’s case, taxpayer financial situation, supporting documentation, legal authority and references, and related issues.
  • Specific Types of Representation such as representing a taxpayer in the collection process, penalties & interest abatement, representing a taxpayer in audits, and representing a taxpayer before appeals.
  • Completion of the Filing Process like the accuracy of results, information shared with a taxpayer, record maintenance, and electronic filing.

It is very important to go for the Best Enrolled Agent Training Institute to gain deep knowledge of all three parts of the special enrollment examination and for clearing EA exam. Moreover, it is also necessary to complete 72 hours of continuing education every 3 years. At least 16 hours per year that includes 2 hours for ethics to maintain your EA Certification. 

iLead Tax Academy also provides soft skills training to the students and professionals to face the corporate world. Communication skills are much necessary to get placed in Big 4 and other USA MNCs. 

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